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Auchnafree Estate lies at the very heart of Perthshire, and is comprised of 12,000 acres of stunning hill and crag, sitting between 1,000 and 3,000 feet above sea level.

First time visitors to this magical place never fail to be captivated and enchanted by the overwhelming sense of wilderness and tranquility.

Auchnafree lies in a landscape forged by the onslaught of a bygone ice age. Within this setting, we are engulfed by its grandeur and left feeling completely in awe of its stunning and ever changing beauty.

From the ruins of Stuck Chapel, the Rock of Dundornie and The Quaking Corrie, Auchnafree relentlessly echoes the roots of its distant past.

Auchnafree Estate offers a diverse and colourful mix of sport, all within an environment second to none! Red Deer, grouse, pheasant, blackcock, partridge, snipe, duck, rabbit and Blue Mountain Hare are all inhabitants and available during the appropriate season.