Pressgang view from Class 5

Day 2

Monday 30 July. Class 5

Race 1

Once again it was another dry departure from Craobh with the champagne sailing southerly winds reaching 24kts at times. Lots of boats made the decision to add a few reefing lines to their mains and number 2’s.

With a lively and gusty start the class 5 boats were off on a very splashy 3 mile beat with lots of serious hiking involved! 

Heading round the Isle of Shuna we had a 17 mile spinnaker run toward Oban which thankfully stayed dry for the whole stretch.

During this time Warrior from class 1 had a rather exciting turn of events when their kite breached and knocked their jib into the water which they didn’t realise until quite some time later.

On board Leaky Roof 2, there were no repeats of yesterday’s head smashing and again using the Tunnocks kit for inspiration. 

Name: Rachel

Age: 15

Boat Name: Leaky Roof 2

Class: 5